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It's really easy to contibute an article to Unity Gems, this page will show you the basics.

You are very welcome to contribute to Unity Gems. If you want to submit a tutorial or an article all you have to do is create an account on this site and you are ready to go. When you've finished your article one of the editors will be able to publish it for you when it's ready.

You are also welcome to be an editor and review tutorials.  We want this site to be as accurate and informative as possible - if you don't have time to write an article you can still really help us by becoming an editor and providing your input both before and after we publish tutorials.  Together we can keep this site high quality.

To create an article click on "New Post".  You can preview your posts at any time with the preview button in the side panel next to the editor.

You should use YouTube for your video tutorials - it's very easy to add the videos to a new page on this site.

Unity Gems uses WordPress to manage the content and that is extended with the United Themes Aries template, Ultimate TinyMCE editor and syntax highlighting for source code.  VaultPress ensures we have up to the minute backups - your hard work is safe here - we are also using VaultPress to continually screen for security threats and Askimet keeps the spammers off our comments sections.

Ultimate TinyMCE provides a whole host of toolbar buttons you can use in the editor to create the look you want.  You can set font styles, types and colours, insert tables and choose from a range of built in heading styles.  The editor has the ability to insert uploaded images and video, but to keep our hosting costs down we'd prefer it if you left your videos on YouTube all you have to do is post the videos address into your article on a separate line and we take care of the rest.

The syntax highlighting is controlled by "pre" and "code" buttons in the editor toolbar - the easiest way to insert code is to select the point in your document and click the "code" button, select the language you are using and then paste your code into the dialogue box.

You can create cool info boxes using the [alert color="red|green|blue|yellow"] Your content [/alert] short codes.

Like this one.

There's built in clip art if you need it, like this!

You can also configure the header of the post - so you can put our cool gems bar (it's gemslogo in the media library) and caption on your posts.

You might also want to turn off the default side bar that appears on the right of your post.  It's in Page Settings.

We can't wait to see what you'll write :)

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