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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

In this series of tutorials, we will try and give you a first glimpse at how to implement AI to your games. We will go through some very basic stuff for those of you that are starting and slowly we will get into more advanced details. If you know your way around already you might want to jump right on to the advanced ones as the first ones are really basic. We will try and give you an introduction to the most useful techniques.

You can first read the long article on AI to see that it is widely used and not only in games. Not  a lot of code there, almost none. It might be a little long and maybe you do not wish to know about all this but I would say a little knowledge cannot hurt.

2D Space Shooter. You will see how to implement the basement of AI, giving the first life to your NPC.

Moving a character in 3D environment. You want to know how to move a NPC around with some basic techniques.

Basic of Steering behaviors (Flocking,Evading,Chasing)(To come)

Develop a graph.(To come)

Pathfinding (DFS/A*)(To come)

Finite-State-Machines (FSM) - Part I  - Part II Delegates/ Reflection/ Closure - Part III Final State Machine Framework

And many more to come on the way as we figure them out!!!

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