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Welcome to Unity Gems!

This web site is written and maintained by regular contributors to Unity Answers and the Unity Forums.  We hope you will find some interesting topics that are beyond the basic introductions and so learn how to make your games faster, more intelligent and more fun. Please let us know what you think, by clicking on the Like buttons or leaving a comment.  If you see something interesting, please share it with your friends! You can get updates by following us on twitter and Facebook.  

Artificial Intelligence
In this series of tutorials, we will try and give you a first glimpse at how to implement AI to your games. We will go through some very basic stuff for those of you that are starting and slowly we will get into more advanced details. If you know your way around already you might want to jump right on to the advanced ones as the first ones are really basic. We will try and give you an introduction to the most useful techniques.

Tutorial Series Introduction

Shaders can be hard to get into as they seem so different to traditional programming for the uninitiated. Whydoidoit takes on the role of resident "Shader Noob" and walks through the basics of shader programming. Over the coming weeks this series will build to create a number of useful shaders and hopefully get you on the road to graphics Nirvana...

Noobs Guide To Shaders

Pt #1 (surface|beginner) | Pt #2 (surface|snow)
Pt #3 (surface|snow+) | Pt #4 (surface|toon)
Pt #5 (pixel|bumped) | Pt #6 (pixel|toon)

Finite State Machines
If you think a finite state machine is just a switch statement or some fancy graphical tool then check out our tutorial. Learn how to make smart pluggable logic and AI for your game and at the same time get real insights into deep technical subjects like reflection, delegates and the advanced inner workings of coroutines. The first 3 parts show you how to build a framework for FSM and include the full project and a demo game, which is playable online in Part 3.  You can see the teaser introduction video here. Part 1 (intro) | Part 2 (delegates, closures, reflection)
Part 3 (demo game|final framework)